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Unnatural 20's

Jun 28, 2021

10 years ago someone wrote in all of our yearbooks "Don't ever change" and at this reunion, we are going to figure out if we were able to pull that off! So grab your yearbooks and join the party as we come into existence, reach out through the gmails, adapt to the darkness, finally have our dumbest fail yet, show our adaptability, lurk in the corner, become an interview gremlin, tutor the grandchildren, steal theater tricks, put the big deer in a papoose, make an end of the world candy necklace, give up on close up magic, rely on Crocs, scream for comedians, get that money, replace our previous superlatives, take a journey back to high school, try to impress our crush while avoiding our bully, invite the listener, use the environment, fail at magic but succeed at comedy,  get graceful in the make em up world, define dead body eyes, suffer from the superlative curse, meet the first Gabin, go to infinity and beyond, find the only D we need, connect Bieber to the housing market crash, and send porage to a victorian boy. 

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