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Unnatural 20's

Sep 13, 2021

The DM was worried about our unnatural level and wanted to check in and make sure that we are still supplying those good, unnatural vibes. So get ready to fail and join the party as we: pull out a knife, take over all the classes, go into a panic spiral, connect through squatting, visit the pet store under the couch, ban together as bustin buds, talk up a hat, have a chat with the wind, look with our eyes, get thrown in with Katelynn, duck to avoid flying candy bars, share our trundle bed pride,  change into the podcast for the kids of embarrassed moms, play a quick game of FMK, cry in bed, realize the green M&M is out of our league, switch the game to Who is My New Daddy?, act out umbilical cord feeding time, violate the candy bar safe space, discover the worst bit, get voted the most socially acceptable, dip our toe into the weirdness, witness the teachers getting weird, hide the relationship, roast the PE teacher, hoard all the free things, respect mini flashlights, fill the boobies with snacks, and fail to give points. 

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