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Unnatural 20's

Sep 27, 2021

There is only one person wild and reckless enough to join on an adventure this wild and reckless and that's Ty from the Side Character Quest podcast. So grab your smallest d20 and join the party as we: dance battle our enemies, blow a success out of our noses, take a 3-hour nap, fail at air conditioners, play in the dirt, go on a fake photo adventure, witness an official Ty Lie, suffer from bad weather vibes, come in with a nougat transition, get diagnosed with bread, gain a healthy fear of Colossus Penguins, get mistaken as an egg, see what professional podcasting looks like, play with copyright law, pitch A Dog Named Sherlock Homes, hear some unwanted dog facts, get some magical items, gain a chicken friend, fall into SkeletonLand, spend a vacation staring at a wall, watch Ty's transformation into a murderer, flex our bones, roll the largest d20, question the striptease, witness the panic in person, and travel through some peaks and valleys. 

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